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Sunheat has taken the initiative to power its servers with solar and wind energy.

Capturing solar energy from the sun and wind energy provides access to a ready supply of power that is sustainable, affordable and has less impact on our environment.
















The Sunheat solar system is a closed circuit thermo siphon solar system designed for heating water in continental climates, where subzero temperatures prevail during long periods throughout the year.

The entire surface of the storage tank constitutes a large surface heat exchange connected at the solar collector in closed circuit. The collector/heat exchanger loop is filled with antifreeze solution, thus avoiding possible freeze in the collector’s fluid channels. The Sunheat water heater is the state-of-the-art solar system for freezing areas. Its outstanding properties result from the combination of three elements.


  1. SUN HEAT: Selective surface collectors yield high performance at low ambient temperatures
  2. CLOSED CIRCUIT: With antifreeze solution, the most reliable freeze-protection method. No valve or drains which might freeze. No electric valves, controls, thermostats or circulators which are sensitive to weather conditions and will break down on power fail.
  3. LARGE SURFACE HEAT EXCHANGER requires small temperature difference for transfer of heat from the collector to storage; performance loss is negligible as compared to performance of open loop systems.





  • Thermo siphon Solar Water Heaters:
  • Complete self-sustained system
  • Most efficient and least expensive method for hot water generation from the sun
  • Maintenance and trouble free














Solar collectors

The system’s main component, which generates the hot water, is the L.G.B solar collector. It is high performance, selective surface solar collector.
















Flat panel collectors:


  • 4mm clear window glaze cover
  • The collectors are interconnected by means of brass interconnectors capable of withstanding operating temperature
  • Absorption material used is copper with solar absorbance of 0.95 and thermal remittance of 0.15



  • Beneath absorber 25mm thick fibre gloss wool and side insulation 10mm thick fibre glass




  • The water is rapidly heated .Therefore water hot water produced is of high quality
  • It can produce more hot water than the general tubes because it is not restricted by the volume of the tank
  • It takes advantage of the tap water’s pressure. The more the pressure the more the comfort.





We manufacture all sizes of solar modules

  • Solar batteries
  • Solar lantern
  • Solar cell phone chargers


Benefits of solar water heaters:


Reduction of energy costs in on-grid sites. Make savings of up to 60% on your electricity bill by heating your water using solar energy. Expected lifespan is up to 20 years. SWH systems are environmentally friendly.


Very low maintenance, basically only flushing out sediments that may collect in the system, every two year




1. Save money or it’s economical:


The biggest motivator for installing a solar power system is cost reduction. As the price of electricity has been steadily rising, the incentive to look for ways to substantially reduce power bills has also increased.

Installing a solar system on your roof or ground, at your home or business enterprise, make take up some  room but the rewards are in the savings results.


It is not an exaggeration to say that you can slash your power bill. And once the solar system has been installed you will start saving money almost instantly.

So it makes economic sense to consider solar power. It also makes environmental sense.


2. Low maintenance


Solar cells generally don’t require any maintenance and run for long time. More solar panels can be added  from time to time when needed. Although, solar panels have initial cost but there are no recurring costs. Initial cost that is incurred once can be recovered in the long run.


3. Solar energy is a clean and renewable energy source.


4. Solar energy will last forever whereas it is estimated that the world’s oil reserves will last for 30 to 40 years.


5. Solar energy causes no pollution.


6. Solar cells make absolutely no noise at all. On the other hand, the giant machines utilized for pumping oil         are extremely noisy and therefore very impractical.


7. Very little maintenance is needed to keep solar cells running. There are no moving parts in a solar cell  which makes it impossible to really damage them.


In the long term, there can be a high return on investment due to the amount of free energy a solar panel can produce, it is estimated that the average household will see 50% of their energy coming in from solar panels.



Direct solar water heating systems pass potable water through the thermal collector that eventually flows directly to the desired application (the faucet, the showerhead, etc.).  Indirect solar water heating systems circulate a fluid – typically a mixture of water and glycol – in a circuit between the rooftop thermal collector and a heat exchanger that actually warms the potable water.


Traditionally, indirect systems are more successful nationwide than direct systems because of their resistance to cold.  Indirect systems circulate collected heat to a storage tank in a basement or utility area.  In the winter, this is a much lower threat of heat loss than an outdoor storage option.  Also, all of the water flowing outside in an indirect system is laced with antifreeze to prevent expensive damage to the system.


However, without that winter weather advantage, it would be irrational to choose an indirect system over a direct system.  Indirect systems require an additional pump to circulate the fluid through the closed-loop system.  These pumps will need to be maintained regularly and replaced at least once during the lifetime of the collectors.  The pump will also require additional electricity to power its operation.  The water-glycol mix that typically fills the circulating closed-loop systems needs to be replaced every few years, which adds a regular expense to operating an indirect system and increases the pollution of an otherwise green product.



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